11 Sept 2013

Back from our trip in Brittany which was great. We had such nice weather I even got sunburnt and only half a day of rain. It was a long trip for me as I am not a good traveller so 900 km each way was hard but worth it as it is such a beautiful area. Also I got to meet one of my good friends Anne whom I have know for years now. She is just as nice in person as on the phone or the internet. We didn't get much crafting done but enjoyed our time together. 

Now back home with the rain and cold, summer is really over but it was a good one. I need to get back to some crafting. Anne helped me with my blog and I have given it a new look, hope you like it.

Here is picture of the quilt top I made with an exchange of batik rectangles. Every rectangle is a different fabric. I make the design up and kept continuity with the plain black fabric.

XX Joanne


Anne said...

Youa re sooooo kind and nice! ...I'll send the cheque in the post later....:OD
Love, love, love this quilt! Wow! Such a stunning piece! Bravo!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah wonderful work indeedy Joanne! I am friend of Anne's from Oz, so have joined your blog too!!

Hope you will pop over to mine and encourage me by joining too.. taking a look around some more but this is one magnificent creation! well done! Shaz in Oz.x