19 Sept 2013

Thank you all for your lovley comments, they are always appreciated. And a special hello to my friend Maryann from Denmark. I have again changed the look of my page. I changed templates just to see what it looked like........ duh, not a good idea. It means all your settings disappear and I had  to put them all in again. It is good practice though, I am getting more confortable with my blog posts and settings. 

What a shame most of you are so far away, would love to do a crepe class for you all. Except Maryann who is as good at is as I am. Maybe I can try and figure out how to film it and share, lol.

Could anyone who has an active blog and does challenges tell me how I can do this ?  

To keep this post crafty here are some lovely embossed card with Nellie Snellen dies. I didn't make them but took a photo at a craft fair. I used craftartist to make a background so they looked a bit better.


Maryann Laursen said...

Hi hun, Thanks sooo much for the sweet words here, and about the video, then you can record it with your webcam you know, and just upload it to a you tube channel, which is free to make, and then either upload the you tube video to your blog or add a link to the you tube page it´s on, that´s how most people do it, from what I´ve heard. I must admit, I haven´t tryed it myself thoug, so don´t know about the technical part of it , but that´s waht people ssay is the easiest way.
Have a wonderful day and lots of fun. I´m of to bed here now, after spending my day in a waitingroom at the hospital all day while hubby had his surgery, as he were sent home with me again right after, he was awake, so now he´s all my responsibility, so I think, we both need an early night here LOL.

Anne said...

Liking the tweaks on your blog and thank you for the inspirational cards too! Something I want to start looking at is using die cuts more! Mmmm a video on crepes.....there is a clapperboard icon on the new post page where you can download a video clip. I haven't done it but..... Bonne chance! xxx