16 Nov 2014

I have been back for a week now from our beautiful but very tiring holiday. I managed to clear my lounge table which doesn't happen very often, lol, so I can get in to Christmas card making. I also want to do a workshop at the awcl clubhouse for christmas cardmaking. This was lucky too as we had friends around for dinner yesterday and the table was ready. We had to change our irish smoked salmon comany this year after order from the same one for 20 yrs. The got too expensive as they are only selling organic salmon now. We found another company with nice salmon and now the ordering will begin. We usually order about 150 kgs of salmon for Christmas.I am inspired by these christmascards made by cardio stamps.


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah Joanne how I love these cards you are right about them being lovely.. thanks for sharing them and your post... had to smile about clearing your table, my dining table is like that .. all too often half or quater covered but worse than usual at the moment .. as have two big items sorting out on it .. we have to do it somewhere eh??
Hope enjoy your salmon too (that's a huge amount of salmon :D you can have all my share as not a favourite with me :D)
God bless, Shaz in Oz.x

Unknown said...

This is really interesting Joanne, I must try sometime to make cards like this. I enjoyed watching it. Love Shirley In Australia.