2 May 2018

My new Bernina 570

I have not been posting much lately so I thought I would post here what I do on face book, mostly to keep track of what I do as I don't think I have many followers :-) I have started to work on my stitch sampler for me new Bernini 570 that I got at Christmas. What I have found so far is two layers of cotton calico cotton works better than one layer of cotton and interfacing. I divided the fabric in to lines and then rows so may spacing would be better. I also left a space to add the stitch number later. I am writing the numbers in a notebook in the same order that I stitched them. Twenty done, 150 to go........

I go into the program of each stitch (the i button) and check the length of the stitch, it shows it in mm on the left. I then program to do so many stitches. Most of them I do 4-5 but on the really longer stitches only 1-2. I also program a stay stitch (knot) at the beginning of the first stitch. At the end of the row have not figured out how to do it so simply go back to straight stitch and click i button and put a knot. Sew a couple of stitches and you have your knot. Hope this helps anyone who wants to make one.

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