13 Aug 2010

As usual I have not been very good at updating my blog. This summer I have been lucky to have had lots of chances to learn new skills and visit lots of crafting events and meet with friends. In June I went to the craft barn extravaganza and I loved it............. The theory was that you watched lots of demos but you needn't spend as the event was free......... :-)

On Friday night we checked in at the only local pub (the old cage) where we had booked our room for three nights. It was still late afternoon so I thought I could have a walk around and try and find the shop. It took only a few minutes as Lingfield is quite small. I got there just before they closed and hubby had a cup of tea at the teashop next door. It was a strange feeling, I was the only customer and there must have been 5-6 staff in the shop. It was never to happen again, lol. I bought my two reinkers I had ordered to be sure to get them and that was the last I saw of an empty shop. The next day I looked in to the shop on my way to the different exhibition halls and it was heaving! There was a queue already of about 15 people. I thought to myself, not to worry. You have all the craft stuff you need, you only came here to get ideas right?

So, on I went to try and figure out who was doing what in which hall. There were three of them this time and it was quite hard to get to the front. But as I went in each hall I choose the demonstrator that had the least people in front of her and managed to sit down and watch a demo while keeping an eye on the other tables to see when there would be empty seats. The only table over the two days I never managed to get to was Suze Weinberg’s; she was an extremely popular lady. But I did watch from the bag for a while. The great thing was that being able to sit and watch the demos meant I didn’t get so tired and managed from 10-5 without needing a break. I went back and forth from the halls to the shop as I had booked the maximum make and takes at the shop which was three. I am not sure I would do that again as making a card in one hour is a bit too stressful especially when you have to share the materials with so many other crafters. I was pleased though that I had done and came out with some lovely samples. I didn’t really have time to eat in between though, next year I must buy myself some sandwiches to take with me.

I met some really nice ladies doing demos. Names I had before and some I hadn’t but they were all really doing great demos and I learned a lot. I am definitely interested in going back next year in June. I am a bit worried about where to stay though, the pub rooms were not very clean but again it was the only one in the area and within walking distance. And the added bonus is that it accepted dogs so I think we really have no choice. I think I need to stop now; this might be too long for my blog. Will write more later.


Anonymous said...

ben ma soeur tu tes encore amusé!

Anonymous said...

Hi There... Just stopped by and enjoyed your blog...


doodlingdebbie said...

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After taking a look around your blog; you will fit right in. You sure have some beautiful creations.