27 Sept 2013

fabric bag
I went to my twice a month qilting group in Luxembourg at the AWCL on wednesday and we are making bags for christmas to sell for charity. Normally we make quilts for the soldiers but as we have so much donated christmas fabric to use up we thought we would make some bags. I helped Jean who runs the group make a template for a bag and sew it up but I thought it was to flimsy with quilting cotton. So when I got home I got out some home decor fabrics someone gave me and tried to make it again. A lot harder to sew as it is much thicker but it is a much sturdier bag. I am quite pleased with it.


Maryann Laursen said...

It looks really beautiful Joanne. The fabric you´ve used for it is also really gorgeous and it looks like, it´s a really useful bag for many purposes,and still looks really pretty, so I´m sure, you´ll get a really good use of it. Awesome work hun.

Anne said...

Such a beautiful bag and so well made! I am always amazed at your creative abilities! Well done on finding a way to strengthen your bag, it certainly has a good shape and will be functional! Bravo!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

wow how clever is that Joanne, well done great idea indeedy!! thanks for sharing Shaz in Oz.x