6 Oct 2013

 Hello my friends, I wanted to share with you the arrival of Juna our new foster dog. She is a lovely ratonero that was rescued from Spain. We will be her foster familly until she gets adopted. She is such a friendly little dog that I don't think it will take long. She is very playful with us but strangely just ignores Phoebe which I find strange, they are both playful but don't seem to want to play with each other. They each have their own basket in our bedroom and she slept well last night. The only think I hate is she looses so much hair........ not used to have a short haired dog and they are everywhere.

I would love to know how to move my photos around in my post, I can't seem to be able to put them side by side. They seem to go wherever they want, lol. The only options are left, right or center. In word I can wrap the text around, is this possible in blogger ?

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Maryann Laursen said...

How sweet of you to take such a fosterdog in dear friend. Both dogs are just sooo cute and he looks like a really great dog, that´ll soon get a new home, I´m sure, and sooo great, that you in the meanwhile can show him a little love there,