21 Feb 2014

It has been ages again since I have posted but I will not give up and will try and stick to it, lol. It seems every time I try I have to remember how to do it though. This year I sent very few christmas cards. I could not find my stash in my mess and had to start all over again. It took me ages to set up and start doing them and when I was finished it was too late to send them so I decided to keep them for next year (and try and not forget where I put them. This one was made with a stamp Anne gave me and it worked just perfectly for this technique. Very different from the cards I have made in the past but I quite like it.


Maryann Laursen said...

It is absolutely stunning Joanne. I so love, how it turned out, really beautiful and gorgeous colors too.

Anne said...

It's a beautiful card and I am so pleased hat you could use the stamp in a way which really enhanced it. I just couldn't do that! So bravo! Such talent which should be showcased more! I have a guilt free blog...I blog when I can even if it is once in a blue moon! How is your poinsettia? xx