14 May 2018

Phoebe so relaxed

Phoebe has completely recuperated from her operation and she couldn't be more relaxed. Here she is watching me while lying on my patchwork on the couch. Even her ugly scar has all but disappeared.

I am working on a making a tshirt for myself, first time I tackle any kind of clothing as it has always scared me a bit. I have got as far as cutting out the two pieces of  fabric, front and back. Next step is to face my overlocker which has always scared me a bit.

Phoebe a totalement récupéré de son opération et elle ne pourrait pas être plus relax. Elle me regarde couché sur  mon patchork sur le canapé. Même son horrible  cicatrice a pratiquement disparu.

Je travaille sur la création d'un tshirt pour moi-même, première fois je que je tenter n'importe quel type de vêtement , ca m'a toujours fait un peu peur, c'est si different du patchwork. Pour le moment j'ai découp les deux morceaux de tissu, avant et arrière. Prochaine étape ce sera d'affronter ma surjeteuse que me fait tourjours un peu peur. 

Traduction en francais, speciale pour Renée.... gros bisous.


Anne said...

She is such a cutie! Well loved and she knows it! TFS!
Good luck with the dressmaking! I am sure that you will do well.It is lovely material, something that you you can well casually or dress up! The main thing is to have fun making it!!!!!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Ahglad Phoebe is brightening your days again Joanne after a worrying time Le pauvre petit chien!
Ha my pretend French 😆
Yes I know pretty bad schoolgirl French. My sister and I used to talk to each other in French so our little sister didn’t know what we saying, meanies eh? We'dmake up words if we didn’t know them which were a French corruption of English equivalent.

Well done on attempting the patch-working on Tshirt sewing, overlockers are fine if you take them slowly, must confess I argue more with my overlocker than my machine. I mostly love my machine, it’s tough and basic and easy to use. Can’t say same for overlocker.
Shaz in Oz.x. Who isnt blogging at mo!! Bad me!

Joanne said...

thank you Anne and Shaz for your lovely comments..... big hugs from sunny moselle.

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